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Books and movies to discover Macau

We curate, organize and promote literary and cinematographic works that serve as windows into the local culture and life of Macau. We particularly focus on works that are available in English or Portuguese - thus hopefully helping those who cannot understand Chinese or Cantonese dive into the broad and infinitely interesting culture, history, and stories of Macau.

Maybe you are interested in Chinese culture? The lives of Macanese people and the social issues of everyday life? Stories of impossible love? Gambling? Triads? The '123' or Portuguese administration? Poetry? All books and films on "INTO MACAU" have been thematically organized and tagged personally by us - so if you are looking for something in particular then our theme-based sorting on the literature/cinema pages, as well as our search page, will definitely help you explore exactly the things you care about.

One of the motivations to build this website is the current lack of information available on Macau's literature and film scene. We feel like the interested person currently has to go through great lengths just to find what is out there - information is currently scattered throughout Portuguese news pieces, foundation websites, facebook pages and word-of-mouth. So we hope that through this website you will be able to easily find your perfect travel companion, language learner (through bilingual books and subtitled films), or friendly history introduction - and become as much fascinated with this territory as we ourselves have.

Where to buy the books or films listed here

For most books, you may want to check Livraria Portuguesa in Macau (they send abroad). If you are in Portugal, you should check your favorite bookstores, but in most cases look in old bookstores ("alfarrabistas") and second-hand websites (,,

Movies, unfortunately, are very difficult to access in most parts of the globe. A couple might be available through Amazon Prime in the US/UK or filmin in Portugal.


Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to suggest or contribute to widening the content of the website!

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Books and movies to discover Macau

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